Selected works

Below are some projects I've worked on recently.

30 Days

Social workout app where users can create workouts, join others, and track their progress. React front end. Node/Express backend with MongoDB. Passport with Google/Instagram OAuth. Deployed with Docker and CapRover PaaS.


Craft beer drinkers can track their favorite brews and connect with other drinkers. Node/Express with mySQL database, Sequelize ORM and bcrypt for password encryption. Materialize/Handlebars frontend.

React Cartoon Memory Game

A simple memory game created with React. Clicking an image awards a point, but click the same one twice and you have to start over.

Mongo Music Scraper

Scrape NPR music for the latest news. Save articles for later and add comments. Node/Express app using Cheerio for web scraping and a Mongo/Mongoose DB.

Shopping Buddy

Simple CRUD shopping list app. Utilizes mySQL/Node backend, Materialize and Handlebars on frontend.

Queer Eye Quiz

Which of the Fab Five would you be best friends with? This app uses Node/Express and a 10 question quiz to tell you.

Multiplayer RPS

A 2-player rock-paper-scissors game built with Firebase and Javascript. Includes a chat feature.


A lightweight web app to save and share your favorite GIFs. Makes use of the Giphy API, Facebook/Twitter share buttons and local storage to save favorites for later.

My Cousin Vinny Trivia

A 10 question trivia game on the topic of My Cousin Vinny. Uses timers and intervals to make the game exciting.

Super Smash Bros RPG

A Javascript-powered, click-based RPG game themed like Super Smash Bros. Pick a character and defeat all available enemies.

Pirate Word Guess

A pirate-themed hangman game. Powered by Javascript.